Week 1: Visual Style with Pinterest and Instagram

This week we’re reviewing the first module in Parsons’ online fashion course, Unlocking Visual Style. In case you missed last week’s introduction, you can find it HERE, which has the link for enrolling in the course.
This week’s module focuses on  the underlying look that runs through a brand. Traditionally you see this in mood boards, but Parsons has modernized this for the age of the internet. This module seems to be broken down in 6 six individual assignments that help you figure out your look, photograph it, and get it on social media.
Instructors explain how to use newer platforms. I have to admit this was bit of a stretch for me initially, as I’m a Facebook/laptop baby, but it’s fair to notice the market trend the past two years that brands are dumping them.  I’m not sure if Pinterest and Instagram are the answer as there are about 15 major platforms competing to be the new Facebook, as one of the instructors pointed out. She seems think we should use all of them, but there’s simply not enough hours in the day for me to do that without going crazy.  That said, it was fun to try them out and cut my metaphorical teeth, since I have been meaning to test drive new platforms for a while.
The major thing I enjoyed about this module was the photography section on playing with different photography filters in Instagram. I really enjoyed the black and white ones, but that’s a personal preference. Feel free to browse what we made on our website, which I refreshed as part of this process. I have to admit I found the assignments took me a lot longer than what is posted, and Parsons’ time estimates seem wildly inaccurate. It may be simply not living in NYC, but there’s no way for me to drive to the mall, find an outfit I like, get permission from the store supervisor to photograph it, take pictures, drive home, edit, and post the final looks in under an hour. The driving alone took me an hour. Likewise, since I’ve never used Instagram before, I had to download the software and read how to use it first. I’ve decided to ignore the estimates for my own sanity. Otherwise I’ve liked the course so far.
You can follow our projects on Pinterest and Instagram, including Nick’s menswear line, Wentworth Page, and my womenswear line, Haus Page.
We’re taking the next two weeks off for Christmas, and I will be back in January to talk about my summary of the other four modules. Enjoy your holiday!
(NOTE: Special thanks to Model Ashley Popio for being patient with me while I took photos of her for Instagram for class. You are awesome girl!)


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