Module 4: Great media requires great photographs

Alright, last month we crunched a lot of numbers and production rules of thumb for the Parson’s School of Design course, so this month it’s all about taking great pictures, specifically editorial shots which are what build brand prestige. Instead of giving you a huge laundry list of requirements/techniques (which isn’t really this module), I will tell you upfront what while techniques and equipment help, really great art requires practice. Lots of it. It also helps if you study some of the great masters. So pick up your camera and go enjoy this nice weather we’re having. Or drop by your local art gallery or museum. We’ll be posting up on Instagram all this month.If you have an account there, please feel free to let us know so we can follow you too! Have a great month. See you back for Module 5 in April which is the last part of this course!


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