May 27th: Introduction to Costume Design $45/seat

I am incredibly excited to tell you that I will be guest lecturing on Introduction to Costume Design for a small group of 12 people on Saturday at Animazement. Some of you may remember that I taught this course last year at Duke as a resource for new designers and artists looking to get started locally in the costume design business. We’re making this course available again to people who may not be able to afford a traditional  four-year college degree,  or who went to a college that focused heavily on the process and less on how to turn skills into revenue, or who are just looking to add to their basic theater and film knowledge.

This practical approach will teach you how to polish your portfolio for potential bosses 14706740_1862467520648392_1327268241348101331_oand clients. Resources are primarily geared towards the East Coast, so be aware of the regional emphasis.

Paid costume design is actually one of my favorite topics to talk about, which can seem a little weird to people who know our bread and butter is ready-to-wear apparel production. However,  for many people who do cosplay, making a transition from doing something they love to something that pays the bills is a practical step. I’ll also tell you  about  my fellow colleagues in the business who’ve become successful. Not that there is anything wrong with choosing costume design as a hobby, but I like people to also know there is a professional development ladder they can climb if they choose. The course is three hours long and includes the basics, such as designing a show, sourcing, patternmaking, and sewing. Everyone walks away with a basic bodice that’s fit and sewn in class. The cost is $45/seat and, as usual, 100% of all money raised at Animazement goes to support Raleigh Little 14753495_1862467583981719_895566902678371700_oTheater. You can pay via Square with credit card or cash the day of. Speaking of Raleigh Little Theater, they are currently hiring  both a Technical Director and Costume Shop Assistant for anyone looking for a job locally. I am always pleased to see the organizations and people we love growing.  Hope to see you in a couple weeks at the Con.


Raleigh Little Theatre is a non-profit, 501-C(3) tax exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax deductible. Raleigh Little Theatre’s Federal ID# is 56-0662726.


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