June 10th: We’re Swapping Leather Bracelets and Stories

reynoldaIf you’ve been in a museum and seen a cigarette machine, you’ve probably been startled. You may have thought, “Aren’t those illegal?” The answer is yes, but not if they’re selling art. Our friend Clark Whittington came up with the cool idea 20 years ago to sell small pieces of art (no bigger than a cigarette package) through these vintage machines. His company, Art-o-mat, now has machines in museums across the country, from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. They’re also in hotels, breweries, libraries, and even grocery stores like Whole Foods. We’ve had a lot of fun supplying art for these re-purposed machines for years.

The Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art in Winston-Salem is honoring Clark with a special exhibit now through August 27, “20 Years of Art-o-mat.” Artists like us, whose art is sold by Art-o-mat, will be gathering at the museum on Saturday afternoon, June 10, for an informal art swap. Both the museum and this event are free and open to the public.SchoolforCreativeStudies

Come enjoy a relaxing afternoon with Nash at the Haus Page booth. He’ll  be manning a table trading leather bracelets and stories with other Art-o-mat artists, or selling his work for $5/box and a story. We will have both normal and vegan Italian leather for people, depending on your personal taste. We’re hoping to meet lots of interesting people, pick up a few new stories, and possibly meet some of the shop owners from the area.

We will also have samples of our other work and line sheets. If you’re interested in discussing the possibility of expanding what you carry of our wholesale apparel line in your boutique, shop, art gallery, or other location, please let Nash know. We produce 3 to 7 new styles every month in our product development shop here in Raleigh, NC.  These are curated pieces we designed based on things we love. Local fabrics. Fantastic trims. Complicated apparel designs.

We hope you make it to Winston!


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