Week Four: Art Designing Buildings With Liz Templeton

If you’re going to go on some awesome adventures, you need some great friends to come along. Superheroes who are handy with a wrench and a paintbrush are some of my favorite people to invite on the journey. The Triangle is home to a fantastic networking group of female businesswomen and entrepreneurs who are quietly being awesome every day. At the top of my list of capable women is Liz Templeton. Most people know her as a talented interior designer who runs True Designs ( https://truedesignnc.com/), making people’s homes and shops look AMAZING. I guiltily follow her Instagram feed for the latest fabric trends and her TV work. She has reasonable hourly rates if you are looking to remodel your home or business, and she’s well liked and respected in the Triangle area. The craftsman in me appreciates her storefronts, and I’m hoping that one day Nash and I will be able to hire her for our dream shop in downtown Raleigh. Until playing smallthen I invite her to hang out and make me laugh. I asked Liz to be part of this project because she’s a talented designer and business owner who is constantly growing and improving her craft. She’s fun for me to watch. I’ve involved her in some of my fashion shenanigans; last year she kindly agreed to walk the runway with me for our Be Human collection. I learn so much every time we meet. Liz has an interior architecture and design degree from UNC Greensboro and has worked as a designer and project manager for a number of years. She understands how to make a space look great. When a shop or business is beautifully designed, its products and services stand out.  When customers are in a beautiful store, they may leave talking about the fantastic red dress, never noticing the great lighting and fixtures that say luxury to a client. That takes real talent.

Liz, who knows how to use a wrench and paintbrush with style, has inspired Nash and me to be fearless in tackling home projects.I have had to admit this past year that home repair is not our greatest strength. Stunning jaw stopping costume that makes you smile? Check. Repair a roof? Install amazing floor? Not so much.

Which brings me to my part of growing. Upon reflection, Nash and I have decided we IMG_20180309_120237_189really need to tackle some of those home projects that make us cringe. We’ve decided we’re going to start doing one thing a week beyond mowing the yard and basic home chores. I’m sure we’ll have to contract some of it out, but at least I’ve admitted to myself it’s a polish I want to have. Before I head off to the shop, I want to encourage women readers in the Raleigh area to consider joining the Triangle Business Women’s Networking Facebook group. I’ve gotten some of the most meaningful help for my career from these women, and maybe you’ll find help too. Best of all? It’s free.

Also, if you’re looking for encouraging podcasts, note some of the fantastic talks by Gary Vee who has been an investor in several hundred start-ups. Most of the successful businesses he has personally been involved in were started by people over 30, often women. Life experience counts for a lot when it comes to being financially successful. Women are incredible!

Next week: Art Penning Comics With Savannah Murphy


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