Week Sixteen: Playing In the Band with Winchop

This week I’m pleased to say our podcast is getting an upgrade thanks to two awesome friends. Which brings up a decision Nash and I have made:as much fun as the weekly meetings are, we’re moving to standard once-a-month Titans of the Industry or in this case Titans of Design, which is used by most of my other successful business friends. This week I talked to Gus Vieweg and Wilson Slagle, two friends and fellow band members from Winchop. They’re local musicians who met at my husband’s high school, the School of Science and Math in Durham, when they were in a play together. Fast forward to college and they decide to extend the friendship by starting an Indie rock duo: Winchop. It’s a lively band that’s noted for playing whiskey covers in local bars and distilleries. I love their sense of merrymaking and adventure. You can watch them on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/winchopband/.  They’re hard at work releasing their new album and are a marvel to superhero nerds like us. In fact, the new intro is superhero themed, of course. Which is perfect for our Women Are Heroes theme.

One of the interesting things about our conversation was the female hero who inspires them. She’s a fellow student from Science and Math who now helps run the Maker lab at NC State, whom they admire because of what they saw her accomplish.

When they talked about her, I realized that sometimes as women we expect ourselves to be perfect in order  to inspire people or help with gender equality. Like love is not dramatic enough to change the people around you. Yet showing up every day and doing the things you love speaks volumes to the people in our lives. So this week do one thing you love simply for the joy of it, and maybe if you need a background sound track to your life, think about downloading some of Gus and Wilson’s music for fun. When you do the things you love day in and day out,  dancing to the beat of the drum you hear–even if no one else hears it–you’re expressing your worth in ways we may not understand for years to come.


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